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Introducing buzzarm

Keep your valuables never far from arm’s length with Buzzarm. An innovative new device
that will protect your wallet or purse from loss and theft, Buzzarm has a handy range of security features.

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What is Buzzarm ?

Robust yet thin, Buzzarm is a small electronic warning device that hides inside valuable items. Buzzarm then syncs up with your smartphone to set off an alarm if there’s a theft attempt and give you GPS coordinates if the item is lost.

Touch reaction

Arm and disarm

Buzzarm effortlessly

Disconnection signal

Know exactly when

Buzzarm has been disengaged

Long Battery-life

Buzzarm rarely needs

to be recharged


touch signal


Smart and slim

With a thin design you’ll hardly notice, Buzzarm is as smart as it is sleek. A special feature of the device is that it can collect information about any theft attempts*. The application's tracking info is just as beneficial to users who are prone to forget their wallet

* if user allow it

Safety for travellers

Safety for travellers

What can be worse than losing your wallet abroad? There are plenty of popular destinations where pickpockets prey on tourists. Keep your eyes on the sights, not your wallet, when you travel with Buzzarm.

USA theft rates

Crime is a constant part of life in many tourist meccas, including New York and Los Angeles. Even more unregistered thefts happen in the USA, but you can travel with confidence using Buzzarm.

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What it can do?

Buzzarm has six main features


Anti-theft – If someone tries to steal your wallet or purse with Buzzarm inside, the device and your smartphone will sound an alarm

Safe-zone – creates non-alarm area around the owner (approximately 70cm)

Loss Protection – Buzzarm will notify your smartphone when the distance between you and your device is greater than a specified range.

Retrieval – Nevertheless, if your wallet is lost, your smartphone will save GPS coordinates of the place where Buzzarm was lost, so you can track it down

Law Enforcement – Buzzarm anonymously sends information of thefts attempts to the police *

Silent Mode – You can pause Buzzarm at anytime or use a smart watch to handle the device.

* if you allow it


Touch alert

Buzzarm can sense approach of a living things and if anybody gets too close will set of an alarm


Avoid false-alarms using smartphone

Simply place the smartphone on the Buzzarm so the device knows the owner is present.

Avoid false-alarms using smart watch

Using smart watch, Buzzarm senses the device owner to prevent an alarm.

* work in progress



In this mode Buzzarm will register "dangerous event", but won't emit an alarm if the owner took the wallet, but as soon as the device comes out of the safe zone, the alarm will sound immediately!

Download Buzzarm app for your device

Download the free Buzzarm App.* Each device will work with only one smartphone at a time.

* some available

Choose which colour for your Buzzarm

For maximum efficiency we recommend choosing a colour that works as a camouflage rather than stands out.

Select your color:

Technical specifications

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 3.37 inches / 85.6 mm

Height: 0.13 inch / 3.5 mm

Length: 2.125 inches / 53.98 mm

Weight: 1,6 ounces / ~45 grams


4x Lithium battery, CR1220

Lifetime: up to 6 month

mobile platforms

Touch detection

Capacitive proximity sensor

Max detection distance (adjustable): 4 in / 100 mm


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Range: 32 ft/ 10 m

Our creative team

The Buzzarm team is made up of some of Kiev’s leading product developers. Our experience comes from both consumer design and state of the art programming technology.

Pochtar Vitaly

Vitaly Pochtar


Nikolay Melnick

Nikolay Melnick

CTO / iOS developer

Aleksey Smyk

Aleksey Smyk


Alexandr Pimakov

Alexandr Primakov

Lead engineer

Maksim Konchakovskiy

Ruslan Kolbasa

Android developer

Anton Parhomenko

Anton Parhomenko

embedded engineer

Artem Palamarchuk

Artem Palamarchuk


Vlad Volochay

Vlad Volochay

Creative Director

Vadim Sapovskiy

Vadim Sapovskiy

Web Developer

Artur Mockobili

Artur Mockobili


Buzzarm card is launching soon!

Buzzarm production is just around the corner and in November we’ll start our Kickstarter campaign to help make lost wallets a thing of the past

Contact us

Do drop us a line if you have a wholesale enquiry or would like to learn more about Buzzarm.

1811 Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19810

+1 (662) 245-3503

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